About trolley

The cart is driven and pulled by people.

The wheelbarrow has a single wheel, two wheels, three rounds and four rounds.The wheelbarrow can travel in narrow springboards, footbridges and sheep’s paths, and it is very convenient to turn around and dump goods.The two wheeled vehicles are used to carry the hand-propelled cart (aka tiger car), an overhead vehicle, and a cart to carry loose material.One of the three wheelbarrows has two rotating wheel wheels that can be turned on the vertical axis (see the roller).The rotation wheel is automatically adjusted to the least resistance direction with the change of movement direction of the vehicle.

Different utility carts have different body structures.Gm’s four-wheel barrow has probably a cargo platform.Special handcarts have a wide range of structures, some of which are box-shaped, which are suitable for carrying lightweight and easy to unload items.Some of the car body protruding bracket, easy to put the parts such as pole, shaft and tube;Some body shapes are identical to the cargo, such as gas cylinders.Some are very small, can be folded, easy to carry;Some of them are easy to unload containers of liquid, paper rolls and other tubular goods, the body has two flat steel to form the low slant, to facilitate the barrel rolling down, such as the tubular goods loading and unloading vehicles.The modern wheelbarrow is equipped with rolling bearings, wheels with solid tires or pneumatic tyres.