Our best-selling wheelbarrow in South Africa wb3800

This is David Lee from EverBetter Corporation (CHINA), are specialized in manufacturing &exporting all kinds of tool carts, trailers, wheelbarrow, trolley, handcart, go-cart and component, etc. for 20 years.

Our company is from jiaonan, Qingdao, the world’s largest wheelbarrow industry is home to more than 30% of the world market.

We have processing plants in Malawi, we transport parts from China to Malawi, we process assembly in Malawi.The product will have more price advantage, and transportation advantage.

This is our best-selling wheelbarrw in South Africa, wb2800. It mainly applies to construction companies.

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Solid wheel for stair climbing hand trolley

Hand Trolley HT1825
2.Pneumatic Tyre:10″x3.50-4
3.Body Size(LxW1xH):1200x590x520
4.Toe plate Width(W2):245


Qingdao Pneumatic rubber wheel 4.00-4

1. The name: pneumatic rubber wheel
2, size: 4.00-4
3. The decorative pattern: turf
4. Rim: steel rim
5. The size of the axle hole: 16mm & 20mm
6. The size of set of long: as your requirement
7, Inner tube:Mouth curved & Straight mouth
8, Authentication:”ISO9001″ “SGS” and so on
9. Usage: hand truck. Tool car. And so on.
10, price and quality: we can give u the best price & quality
11. Own ourselves factory; we can as your requirement to produce the products